Creation of Luxurious Super HMI Experience -- Design Thinking from Tiggo 8 PLUS

At the 20th anniversary of Chery Automobile export, the flagship-level SUV luxurious land flight compartment Tiggo 8 PLUS based on global standard comes on stage, and the facecar team is lucky to lead the HMI experience innovation design of Tiggo 8 PLUS to build the extreme driving experience.

Tiggo 8 PLUS HMI Experience Innovation Design

The virtual image of intelligent assistant "Xiaoqi" is introduced the first time to achieve bi-directional emotional interaction of voice and vision and to provide users with efficient, intelligent and considerate intelligent vehicle housekeeper service."Xiaoqi" not only can interact with users through voice, but also can express the happiness, regret, listening, etc. in combination with the scene, and can provide the accompanied proactive care in the whole scene.

 virtual image of intelligent assistant

The facecar design team provides excellent creative solutions through continuous research, exploration and brainstorming in the design process of Tiggo 8 PLUS, and analyzes and formulates the corresponding solution for pain spots through experience analysis in terms of the strategy, layout, operation and vision.

facecar design team facecar design team

1. Analysis of competitive products

The visual status of benchmarking vehicle HMI is summarized upon analysis of competitive products, and the brand identification degree, language consistency, emotional expression, dynamic design rationalization, grade and sense of delicacy are deeply analyzed, with dimensional scoring, which provides new design direction for Tiggo 8 PLUS.

Analysis of competitive products Analysis of competitive products

2. Definition of interactive strategy

At the interaction design stage, the derivative loves of users are analyzed and the users' characteristics labels are extracted based on the user role to analyze the Maslow's demand about user experience through the Pyramid Model, providing direction and strategies for interaction design.

Definition of interactive strategy Definition of interactive strategy

Effective information is excavated and transferred to design core point through the demand analysis, information architecture arrangement, logics definition, etc. In the integration design, the key scene of interaction is defined and the interaction framework design and specification formulation, etc. are provided.

Interactive Design

In the design process of virtual voice image, we continue to explore more voice interaction scenes. In the meanwhile, we execute the proactive care as per the users' behavioral data and scene to tailor the AI partner with accompanied proactive care in the whole scene for users.

Interactive Design

In the whole interaction design process, team members continue to formulate the interaction strategy scheme and interaction prototype design through research of user experience strategies, analysis of interaction experience trend and definition of principle.

Interactive Design

3. Visual style design

At the visual design stage, team members define the visual design direction in respect of brand perception and user expectation, continuously conduct the creative design of visual concept through exploration of inspiration version, and provide the design of visual style, design of visual interface, formulation of visual experience design specification, design of visual extension, etc.

Visual style design Visual style design

The brand gene is integrated into interface design through continuous brand design and DAN excavation to continue to beautify the visual communication effect and highlight page, generating the shocked visual experience.

brand gene integrated Visual style design Visual style design Visual style design Visual style design

At the final scheme decision stage, the interactive strategy of growth Xiaoqi is deemed as the final design draft. We design the visual style of central control instrument for the continuous extension of mass-produced Tiggo 8 PLUS.

HMI design HMI design HMI design

Based on details, the initial design concept of facecar is to change the travel driving experience with intelligence and technology as hoped and to create warm travel space with extremely simple, intelligent and beautiful design, enjoying the comfortable experience brought technology in the mobile space.

facecar project member

facecar project member

Tiggo 8 PLUS expresses the sense of luxury, sense of science and technology and sense of future incisively and vividly for the "luxurious land flight compartment" through unprecedented sensory world and honorable welcome experience.

In the future, automobile will own more wonderful driving experience, which is more exciting. The faceacr team always devotes to strive to innovate the innovation and development of automobile industry, and expects to reach consistent concept with more automobile enterprises to design more anticipated works.


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