facecar joins hands with Human Horizons to create the all-round immersive experience

Human Horizons is an innovative technology company committed to future intelligent mobility industry and the layout of intelligent and convenient transportation starting with the development and industrialization of new energy smart cars and based on the research and development of innovative and leading intelligent mobility technologies. facecar cooperates with Human Horizons to create a brand-new HMI experience innovative design for its newly brand HiPhi 1 mass-produced cars, and change human mobility experience in the future.

The HiPhi 1 is firstly equipped with standard 5G + V2X in China, which will truly connect with vehicles, roads and cities to create mobility tools with a new perspective and framework and define new categories of smart cars. On the basis of the brand research at the preliminary stage, DNA digging and conceptual innovation and exploration, facecar provides the precise direction for the design.

We develop a complete HMI experience innovation design solution, the multi-terminal large screen design and interactive mode inside the car, and 9-screen interaction space for the HiPhi 1 mass-produced cars of Human Horizons, create an all-round immersive experience, and perfectly integrate science and technology, greatly improving the usage experience of users and perfecting the philosophy of "science, fashion and humanization".

Human Horizons HiPhi1 HMI experience innovative design

What HiPhi 1 brings are not only the true intelligence, but also luxurious and honorable, top safety and other unprecedented superior driving experience. Cars can interact with users and constantly create abundant scenarios, while users can also become developers to explore and dig the potential of smart cars, develop new scenarios and obtain new experience. Looking forward to the future, vehicles, as a more intelligent mobile terminal compared with mobile phones, are of stronger perception and data collection capacity. The true intelligence of vehicles is certain to bring a greater subversive change.

Human Horizons HiPhi1

As the official launch of HiPhi, the corporate vision of "Changing the Future Mobility of Human Beings" of Human Horizons has been further interpreted. In the overall context of accelerating the transformation of automobile industry, Human Horizons is poised for leading the mobility development with intelligence based on the forward-looking thinking, deeply involves in the future mobility revolution of the whole human beings, endows smart cars more powerful capabilities and greater development space, begins with the end in mind, changes the innovation into the creation and implements its every promise.


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