HMI Evaluation

facecar stands on users' point of view and depends on a real driving scene and user model to build a series of systematic and scientific human-machine interaction evaluation system which can not only output evaluation scores, but also instruct HMI optimization and iteration, to create a good user experience.

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Advantages for evaluation

HMI expert evaluation HMI expert evaluation

HMI expert evaluation Dozens of experts from service design, interaction design, user research, improvement fields join in the functional classification, the preparation and definition of experience evaluation standard, the adjustment of function weight and experience weight, the design of evaluation scale, and the refining of four functions, to reach a high-precision standard.

HMI objective evaluation tool HMI objective evaluation tool

HMI objective evaluation tool Covering all HMI functions, accurate to operation items, precise positioning the content able to be optimized, equipped with a complete evaluation for eye movement, heart rate variability detection, screen click / slide times route measurement, to provide a data base for system analysis, and to give objective advice for HMI design improvement based on evaluation result analysis.

Evaluation model Evaluation model

Evaluation model More than 300 user test sample sizes, more than 200 brand vehicle tests, a comprehensive evaluation model that includes systems such as time, frequency, task completion, browsing, and channel statistics.

Evaluation bench construction Evaluation bench construction

Evaluation bench construction facecar's custom-built vehicle interactive simulation evaluation platform can conduct real and effective evaluation of electrical components, screens, etc., solve the needs of comprehensive system design verification, function verification, and performance testing, and provide true and effective evaluation data.


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