interactive simulation evaluation bench construction

facecar custom-built vehicle interactive simulation evaluation platform for car companies, it has complete function and stable and smooth operation and provide true and effective evaluation data by starting from users' experience, which overturns the traditional audio-visual experience and interactive mode and truly serves the users.


Service advantage

system usability system usability

system usability The system usability evaluation tank software system is easily learned, understood and operated, meets the confortable, efficient and rapid operation, with safe and reliable operation of the hardware and stable performance of software, and provides true evaluation data under intelligent driving simulation scene.

Functional modularity of the whole vehicle Functional modularity of the whole vehicle

Functional modularity of the whole vehicle The evaluation tank meets the functional modularity requirements and each module can be adjusted and controlled in perspective, displacement, lifting, opening & closing, etc. as per user needs to meet independent replacement and iteration of each part without prejudice to the functional completeness of such part and the compatibility of the whole machine. The iterative development of parts can...

Test bench Test bench

Test bench The complete bench simulation test items can provide the multidimensional test data and adapt to installation of hardware with various dimensions, switch of multiple modes, multi-angle adjustment and convenient and easily-used products cross time as well as facilitate the customers' establishment of experiment platform. The product performance can be quickly known and the data and direction c...

HMI evaluation system HMI evaluation system

HMI evaluation system We own complete test system, integrated eye movement detection, myoelectricity detection, heart rate detection, EEG detection, emotion detection and other sensors for HMI and provide the data basis of analysis data by collecting the users' test information to build excellent user experience.


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