Car Black Technology Mass Production

The facecar owns independent black technology R&D base. Its professional R&D team has always devoted to the mass production application R&D of many cutting-edge vehicle-mounted black technologies, such as Holographic Imaging, car window interaction, ultrasonic touch feedback, gesture recognition, etc. with deep experiment and research in various scenes and the perfect application solution.

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Cutting-edge technology

Holography Holography

Holography We have always conducted the mass production research of holographic technology and provide the design of holographic mass production structure, establishment of holographic mass production specification level standard, AI holographic housekeeper, game entertainment system, 3D holographic navigation, holographic intelligent display, etc. to truly serve customers.

Car window interaction Car window interaction

Car window interaction We provide a whole set of mass production solution from the structural sample development of the car window, the lifting structure development, projection scheme development, imaging material R&D to the design of front field, side window, rear window, top window, etc. to the cockpit display fusion system of front field, multimode interaction system of the side window, information interaction s...

Ultrasonic touch feedback Ultrasonic touch feedback

Ultrasonic touch feedback Ultrasonic touch feedback lets users experience the physical feedback really in both sight and feel. The operation of many physical buttons can be simulated through the feedback of ultrasonic wave such as the movement of physical knob, button of game handles, etc. and the accuracy and actual operation sense of control can be improved greatly through the connection of multi-azimuth experience.

Intelligent perception technology Intelligent perception technology

Intelligent perception technology Automobile intelligent perception technology creates an interactive future cockpit space by integrating the vehicle control technology and emotional intelligence so that the automobile can own higher feedback ability and can proactively "communication" with users to understand the users' mind more. As a result, the interaction becomes more intelligent and can understand the users�.....


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