BAOJUN KiWi EV x facecar: redefining the intelligent tidal product

If you mention the hottest new energy vehicle brands in recent years, Wuling will certainly be on the list. As a phenomenal brand in recent years, Wuling has achieved a lot of bright results. facecar is honored to reach a project cooperation with BAOJUN KiWi EV, and work with the KiWi EV team to think about and explore the innovation and design of intelligent in-vehicle experience.

BAOJUN KiWi EV is named "Kaleidoscopic", "Intelligent" and "Wow", "I I", as a brand model of SAIC-GM-Wuling, it focuses on youthfulness and technological intelligence. At the same time, it is revolutionizing the industry with its affordable price and intelligent attributes. Our cooperation with KiWi EV is not only as an intelligent car experience design partner, but also carries the mission of "redefining intelligent trendy products".

It is the common goal of KiWi EV and facecar to deliver value through design, penetrate into the hearts of consumers, and bring smart and fashionable driving experience to users. Starting from the real needs of users and by understanding the driving habits of car owners, KiWi EV can provide smarter trips under different scenarios of car needs. Through the in-depth experience of 10,000 users in 1,000 cars, KiWi EV realizes continuous evolution and experience enhancement, relieves travel anxiety, and supports users to customize their personalized scenarios such as "Scene Magic Cube", understands driving moods, and satisfies the multi-faceted fashionable life of users.

The facecar design team integrates the rational aesthetics and fashionable concept of BAOJUN KiWi EV, which fits the individual aesthetic needs of the urban population, into the design of the dual-screen composed of the 10.25-inch full LCD dashboard and the 10.25-inch center control screen, which is sufficiently close to the smart and trendy style of KiWi EV. The Intelligent Assisted Driving System, interaction mode, and emotional HMI design also bring users a new experience of smarter and more fun.

In this cooperation, we and BAOJUN realize another product innovation of Wuling brand and the optimization of the car application scene from tool car to lifestyle, which will make the young people's trendy big toys and new equipment for socializing to the extreme.


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