SAIC Volkswagen HMI experience innovation consulting

More than a year ago, we participated in the HMI bidding project of SAIC Volkswagen, and competed with HMI team of Volkswagen Germany Wolfsburg. Our design thinking and design works were appreciated by Volkswagen. Finally, we won the bidding, and become the first Chinese team to design HMI for Volkswagen brand. We are very fortunate to participate in the whole human-computer interaction design of Volkswagen internal platform with the code name of CNS3.0, thus starting the continuous cooperation with SAIC Volkswagen.

In the design process, we went to workshop together with SAIC Volkswagen design team, HMI team and modeling team to explore the inspiration and interview users, and explore the demands for intelligent networking, parking, non-inductive payment, smart home and others of Chinese local users to conduct the innovative design centered on user experience.

SAIC Volkswagen HMI experience innovation Design

Based on the user research at the earlier stage, we explore the HMI visual preference of Chinese local users, analyze the HMI design trend, combine with the brand and modeling research, and finally summarize the visual design language of line and silk, which successfully integrates the DNA of Volkswagen brand characteristics into the design of mass-produced HMI, and makes upcoming products more worthy of expectation.


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