facecar again invited to keynote the International Summit on Automotive Design

Time: 2024-02-06 作者:facecar

On October 21st, China Car Design (International) Summit (CCDIS), organized by Shanghai International Automobile City (SIAC) and Tongji University, with the theme of "Generation Z", was successfully concluded in Shanghai Automobile City, China. CCDIS is one of the most influential high-end automotive design events in China, facecar has been invited to give speeches many times and discuss the latest and most cutting-edge topics with automotive design professionals at home and abroad. facecar brings HMI design strategy and facecar's newest automotive experience evaluation system this time.

With the theme of "Generation Z", facecar will share its views on automotive HMI design strategy, vehicle information flow, interaction design strategy, multimodal interaction, evaluation standards and evaluation models, and discuss the future development of the automotive field.

Jiaming Zhu, Director of Experience Innovation, facecar

Zhu Jiaming, director of facecar experience innovation, believes that: at present, the tasks of each terminal in the car are not closely coupled, and the flow of information is single, which can only carry out simple driving tasks and entertainment and audio-visual. In the future, the positioning of each terminal can realize the integration of control distributor, driving distributor, entertainment scene expander and other multi-party linkage.
Under the trend of automobile intelligence, large screen and multi-screen, the soft power centered on automobile user experience has gradually become one of the core competitiveness of automobile enterprises. Automotive user experience includes small interaction experience centered on interaction experience and visual experience, as well as large interaction experience related to automotive interior and functions. Compared with Internet products, automotive user experience is more complex and refined, and car companies are in urgent need of a set of perfect automotive experience evaluation standards to provide professional, scientific and systematic evaluation of automotive user experience.

facacar is composed of more than 20 experts in user research, human-computer interaction, product design, intelligent Internet connection, in-car entertainment system, and doctorate in psychology. And with more than 300 user test samples and more than 200 brand model tests, facacar is able to utilize the perfect evaluation model to conduct professional tests. In the future, we will also make more efforts to continuously improve the HMI evaluation system and establish a set of perfect evaluation standards for the automotive industry.


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