facecar Telematics Experience Innovation Event: Future Car - Telematics Cross-Platform Experience

Time: 2024-02-06 作者:facecar

On April 21st, facecar Shenzhen was successfully held. With the theme of "Future Car - Cross-platform Telematics Experience", the event attracted big names in experience design from the industry such as GAC Research Institute, BYD Daimler, Dongfeng Nissan, Keliad, Dexerials, BYD Auto, Weimar, and Hangsheng Electronics, etc. The event was a great success.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Zhu Jiaming, Director of Experience Innovation of facecar, focused on brand DNA refinement, brand extensibility design and design practice in interactive experience. As one of the first UX companies to engage in the field of Telematics, Mr. Zhu clarified the cross-border integration of experience design and automotive industry and its value around Telematics experience design cases.

Wang Wei, Interaction Design Professional Leader of GAC Research Institute, and Wang Minlu, Interaction Designer of GAC Research Institute, successively shared with the guests the innovative design of future intelligent vehicle interaction system, and the respective trends and status quo of car makers and Internet companies in the field of Telematics.

Based on his automotive design experience in Bentley (UK), Bovespa (Germany), SAIC, BAIC Foton and other famous enterprises at home and abroad, Sun Zhen, a well-known automotive design expert and Executive Design Director of Weimar Automobile, summarized the trend of Telematics in the automotive industry from an international perspective, as well as a lot of dry content, such as user research, demand analysis of vertical groups, and ideas on interior and UI design, etc., and his insightful ideas brought new thoughts and inspirations for the attendees. His unique insights brought new thinking and enlightenment to the participants.

As a guest representative of the aftermarket, Liu Miao, Technical Director of YouZhou Technology, elaborated on the dialectical relationship between the operating system of the car and the interaction experience from his own specialized field. With the gradual deepening of automobile intelligence, the interaction experience design from the perspective of the underlying technology of the operating system will be more referable.

Based on the active sharing atmosphere of several guests, participants have thrown out their own confusion and problems encountered in the process of practice, and peer experts from a multi-dimensional perspective to seek answers. Among them, including HMI design category flat and flat, how to differentiate the experience design of aftermarket Telematics brands, the trade-off between complex product features and product interaction design, how to adapt in-vehicle entertainment content to user habits, the difference between the experience design of the in-vehicle screen and that of the cell phone screen, and other professional Telematics experience issues.

Experiences are kindly shared and opinions are fiercely clashed. facecar will provide more valuable power for further innovation of connected car experience.


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