facecar Telematics Experience Innovation Salon: Exploring Intelligent Vehicle Terminal Applications

Time: 2024-02-06 作者:facecar

Recently, the Telematics Experience Innovation Salon organized by facecar was held in Shanghai Citybox Coffee. In order to explore the new fields and opportunities of Telematics and intelligent car terminal in the background of user era, this Telematics Salon, with the theme of "How to Create Telematics Opportunities through User Experience", invited industry experts from Chery Automobile, General Motors, Changchun FAW, Car Audio Network, Automotive Home, and EZParking, etc., to share their views on user experience and technology from multiple perspectives, including market, R&D, and user needs. Industry experts from Chery Automobile, General Motors, Changchun FAW, Car Audio Network, Auto Home, Xiparking EZParking and other OEMs and aftermarket services were invited to discuss the development trend of Telematics and the application of intelligent vehicle terminals from the perspectives of user experience and science and technology as well as from the angles of the market, R&D and users' needs, attracting a lot of Telematics practitioners. In the first and second half of the session, the guests started from the topics of "Internet Thinking of Telematics" and "Internet and Big Data", and "Outlook of Intelligent Vehicle-mounted Terminal Innovation", and shared their views and opinions with the audience. They shared their views and opinions with the audience.

Innovative Thinking for Internet Thinking
The tide of mobile Internet is attacking every industry by leaps and bounds, and every industry and enterprise, including the Telematics industry, is considering how to resist the attack of the mobile Internet tide, but very often there is still a fog in front of our eyes, and no one knows how to make the Internet-based thinking enter the field of automobiles. At the beginning of the salon, the moderator, Mr. Lu Lingtao, Vice President of Car Audio Network, threw an open question to the guests: "What is Internet thinking?" The guests expressed their views on the application of Internet thinking based on their own experiences. Hu Bing, Chief Engineer of DMS Product Department of Changchun FAW Qiming Information, Geng Yi, Head of User Experience Program of General Motors, and Chen Fuquan, Engineer of Driving Information and Entertainment System Headquarters of Chery, all mentioned two barriers of Internet thinking in the environment of Telematics in their replies: one is that there is a big difference between the scenario of using the intelligent in-vehicle terminals in the process of driving and the scenario of using cell phones in the fragmented time, and the other is that the car itself has the fundamental attribute of safety, which is a very important product. The other is that the car itself is a product with safety as its fundamental attribute, and any user experience needs to be built on top of safety.

When talking about the impact of human-computer interaction innovations on the connected car experience, Hu Bing of Changchun FAW believes that the biggest benefit of voice recognition is that it frees up the task of operating with both hands while freeing up the eyes; Geng Yi of GM shares the advantages and disadvantages of voice recognition and touch interaction that it found in the process of its actual user research; Chen Fuquan of Chery sees voice and other interaction modes as an interaction channel rather than a solution, and attempts new technology implantation in terms of theories and practical Chery Chen Fuquan regarded interaction methods such as voice as an interaction channel rather than a solution, and tried to implant new technologies in terms of theory and practical usage habits.

In the interactive question session, the three guests treated themselves as drivers and summarized the pain points in the whole process of driving. Chery's Chen Fuquan thinks the biggest problem lies in map updating, which can neither be updated in an interconnected self-service way, nor differentiated or incrementalized. GM's Geng Yi identified real-time traffic as a major pain point, and solving the problem of road congestion and reminding the optimal route is a very urgent hope for many car owners in big cities. Hu Bing of FAW felt that the maintenance issue was his most profound pain point. Maintenance problems, road problems and navigation tools, these three pain points are very simple, car owners dream of solving problems, but also the industry and intelligent vehicle terminal innovation opportunities. Lu Lingtao of CarVoice.com concluded the first half of the salon with the vision of "I hope that within five years, all car owners will be able to let their cars know themselves".

Explore service applications for connected car big data

The second half of the salon was held by Chen Ming, planning manager from Angelstar, Sam Woo, SVP markting of XiParker, and Wang Yunyang, marketing director of mobile platform and Telematics of Automotive Home, to discuss the practical application and development potential of Telematics big data. Discussion from the big data status quo start, Anji star Chen Ming from relative to the Internet industry hundreds of millions of users to compare, car networking millions of users volume is already the highest value, so both the angle of big data or, the measurement of the degree of aspects will have their own standards. In fact, in the big data itself after the collection, transmission, analysis, the whole process is not the content of the user is concerned about, they are more concerned about the intelligent vehicle terminal can provide them with better service through data analysis.

Sam of EZParking and Wang Yunyang of AutoNavi agreed and further dispersed the service deepening of big data. Users are not industry experts, what they need is the intelligent vehicle terminal to help them accomplish some things that they could not accomplish before. Xiparking EZParking and AutoHome, as traffic information data providers, combine real-time parking, 4s services and other data with GM and other vehicle manufacturers to form a B2B and B2C model, and the ultimate vision is to establish and improve the car networking model of data conversion services to cultivate more consumers and application scenarios in the country and form a virtuous circle. China to cultivate more consumers and application scenarios, forming a virtuous cycle.

Collecting data is important, but the security of the data is at the same time a hidden danger, so issues such as privacy and security were likewise discussed in the salon. Wang Yunyang of the Automobile House thinks that privacy is different from confidentiality, which is something that wants to be known by a small part. So the privacy problem of big data boils down to the extent to which the data is developed, as long as the user's trust is gained within a controllable range, the party that acquires the data has a privacy problem. HipParker Sam analyzes the privacy issue and argues that the concept of big data is completely different for car owners and for industry professionals, and that looking at big data from a different perspective is an important way to make it better for application.

For the application of big data outlook, auto home Wang Yunyang think big data of this diversity, personalization, is its real direction, but now owners are not willing to share the data of a reason is not much benefit gained, the conditions of public privacy is with the service exchange, it is recommended that the B2B to establish a cooperation, and then by the C-end optimization of B2C in the Angie Star as an example of the enrichment of the car networking products, the formation of the closed loop of services. Angelstar Chen Ming as part of the host long, the main starting point is to obtain user demand, thus causing cooperation with B2B. The guest's answer depicts the prospect of big data figuratively: to solve the problems of parking, on the road, violation of rules and regulations, optimize 4s service, and then sublimated to the customized service for the owner, and finally realize the car and the owner of the car to know each other.


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