Complete Excellent Collection of facecar Solution Launch Event | How to Create Popular Intelligent Cockpits

facecar was specially invited by Beijing Automotive Exhibition to hold facecar Intelligent Cockpit Solution Launch Event in Chunhuiyuan International Convention Center on April 27.

facecar, as the world's first intelligent cockpit solution provider with the advanced technology integration and scenario-based experience as the index, attracted nearly 600 industry elites from Volkswagen, BMW, Geely, SAIC, GWM, NIO, BYD and other enterprises to attend its Launch Event.

Generation of new products in the future

Concept cockpit products are the core presentation 「window」 of automobile brands, which mainly focused on attracting users with novel shape and appearance in the past. However, with the coming of the mobile internet era, users have gradually shifted their attention from the visual focus to the intelligent network; meanwhile, the intelligent network has become one of the important strategic directions of automobile enterprises in next 5-10 years. Obviously, traditional concept cockpit products lag behind this trend.

At the booming area of the artificial intelligence application, facecar firstly introduces the artificial intelligence technology into the concept cockpit, hopes to assist complete vehicle enterprises to create brand new cockpit products which truly reflect the strength of brand science and technology and have user value, and solves the core problems including the technical blind zone, simple stacking and the loss of user data value of complete vehicle manufacturers in the process of product upgrade.

facecar Smart Cockpit Solution Conference

Sharing of facecar Co-founder & CEO Sheva Zhu on the Launch event site

The intelligent cockpit solution of facecar is centered on the black technological ecosystem and the index of scenario-based experience.

The black technological ecosystem is jointly built by hundreds of supply chain partners of facecar, and reasonably and effectively integrates advanced technologies into the cockpit, including biological recognition, brainwave control, emotion recognition, multi-interface interaction, holographic image, gesture interaction, distance-keeping system and remote control system. Users can feel extremely immersive and real intelligent cockpit simulation experience in the final products based on the index of scenario-based experience.

facecar integration technology

The concept cockpit products of facecar can realize the precise promotion in the International Exhibition, Commercial Space, Offline Experience Stores and other public places with high traffic.

Besides, different from the disposable demo cockpit, we prefer to construct the depth products with long-term effective value. facecar solution can assist the complete vehicle manufacturers to conduct data integration and analysis on the basis of recording the behavior trace and experience data of users in the cockpit, apply the effective analysis results into mass production vehicle models, and provide the basis for the brand strategy transformation and orientation of mass production.

smart cockpit

Display of black technological ecosystem partners

The black technological ecosystem is the core of facecar solution. During the process of past project precipitation and program implementation, facecar integrated hundreds of global artificial intelligence technology suppliers to jointly realize the optimal technology integration of the concept cockpit products, and maximized the promotion of scientific and technological strength and brand positioning of complete vehicle manufacturers.

On the site of the launch event, the representative manufacturers in the fields of multi-interface interaction, speech recognition, AR HUD, MR mixed reality, and eye tracking conducted technical demonstrations and results presentations, and attracted on-site guests to exchange experience. In the later interaction, many complete vehicle manufacturers expressed their affirmation and support for the black technological ecosystem, and hoped to introduce it into their own automobile brands.

Smart Cockpit Solution Conference AR HUD Forward-looking technology Forward-looking technology

The future of artificial intelligence technology + automobile

The intelligent cockpit solution of facecar has been applied and implemented in cockpit products of numerous automobile brands, including Chery EXEED, and successfully become the focus of Beijing Automotive Exhibition through integrating the holographic image, eyeball tracking, speech recognition, multi-interface interaction, remote control system and AR HUD and other multiple advanced technologies, which was reported by CCTV, visited and commended by the Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology Wan Gang, and experienced by numerous global car owners/media.

What we hope is neither to abandon the past nor move forward aggressively, but to truly create more comfortable, safer and more intelligent trip life together with ecological cooperative partners.


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