Hengchi Launched Its Intelligent Cabin on Auto Shanghai 2021

Auto Shanghai 2021 was the first stage for Hengchi voicing itself in the industry. The team had been prepared for a long time. The future intelligent cab exhibited this time showed Hengchi's auto production goal and determination to be realized in the next few years. On the current day of Hengchi cab exhibition, high attention of many media and peers in the industry was attracted. This is a brand-new immersive full-simulation virtual cabin and is an intelligent cab upgrade and innovation milestone of facecar.

facecar Service Content Cab appearance exhibition

Cab appearance exhibition

Cab appearance exhibition

Cab appearance exhibition

Wherein, the most revolutionary point is the initiative driving simulation technology in the industry. The establishment of the 3D digital simulation scene and the linkage of the physical simulation driving equipment break through restrictions on vehicles, roads and physical space of drivers during static cab experience and enable the immersive and vivid driving experience.

On-site user experience

On-site user experience

facecar wins the victory in the simulation driving battle

Each wonderful moment is the result of day-and-night work of the team for tackling technical difficulties. Over half a year, facecar team has overcome difficulties one after another relying on their high-level technologies.

In this process, they effectively solved the natural dizziness problem of simulation driving. Using the next generation of real-time scene rendering technology, scenes can be represented, including the light and weather change at different time. In simulation driving, real strength can be fed back to the steering wheel, linear accelerator and brake pedal, guaranteeing sensory experience of driving simulation. Simulation of real people flow, vehicle flow, route change and traffic light can be realized in the driving experience.

Core members of facecar team of Hengchi cab project

Core members of facecar team of Hengchi cab project

Create a New Driving Life

After deeply exploring the home and vehicle scenarios, we applied cutting-edge futuristic technologies to realize seamless integration of life and intelligent vehicles.

Scenario I: Car-home interconnection - forge an intelligent travel space

In the intelligent cabin, users can finish operation instructions of intelligent products at home, breaking through the barrier between the vehicle space and the home and effectively creating an intelligent moving space integrated with the vehicle and the home.

Car-home interconnection

Scenario II: DMS fatigue monitoring - safeguard driving of users

In the user experience, DMS system can monitor relevant fatigue values based on the user state, automatically realize release of fragrance, music playing, ambient light operation and temperature regulation to ease the mood of the driver.

DMS fatigue monitoring

Scenario III: Non-inductive payment - non-inductive operation replaces operation on mobile phone

This system enables automatic monitoring of account information via ID authorization by users. After face recognition, in-car payment can be realized for shopping, reservation, etc. Daily operations can be realized in the car.

Non-inductive payment

Create a wisdom vehicle city with technologies

To improve the road driving situation of traditional vehicles, more intelligent technologies have been applied to Hengchi cabin to make users feel the future "wisdom traffic" in the future.

Scenario I: Automatic driving simulation - feel the future L4 cabin driving

The automatic cab driving simulation supports high-speed NGH automatic driving and is integrated with multiple perceptual systems, enabling users to experience the future automatic driving in the cabin and making hands free.

Automatic driving simulation

Scenario II: BVR recognition - real-time prompt of increase of the road safety distance

A safe driving distance between the vehicle and the front vehicle can be guaranteed during driving. The vehicle will automatically calculate and predict possible collision risks and give an alarm, significantly reducing hidden driving risks on roads.

BVR recognition

Scenario III: DLP headlamp pedestrian warning - safeguard pedestrian safety in the night Users can experience automatic projection of pedestrian guide line onto the front road surface during night driving, improving the frequency of direct interaction between vehicles and pedestrians and reducing collision of pedestrians.

DLP headlamp pedestrian warning

Display of more highlights of the cabin

front passenger seat in the cabin

front passenger seat in the cabin

Cabin scene - canteen recommendation

Cabin scene - canteen recommendation

Details of the console in the cabin

Details of the console in the cabin

VPA voice assistant - emotional intelligent housekeeper

VPA voice assistant - emotional intelligent housekeepe

Automatic driving takeover

Automatic driving takeover

The conceptual cabin displayed this time aims to improve users' driving, realize wisdom traffic and vehicle-home integration in the future.

For facecar, the driving concept of Hengchi happens to have the same view with the team concept of driving innovation of user experience. During design cooperation with Hengchi, we reached a consensus on our recognition of user driving and intelligent structure. On this auto show, Hengchi paid attention to perfect visual presentation and high integration of the user experience interaction areas.

Although we have experienced a several times of technological innovation, we still expect that we can promote realization of infinite possibilities of vehicle enterprises in the intelligent auto field in the future.


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