facecar assists Human Horizons to implement the 5G intelligent bus scheme

The arrival of 5G era means the all-round coming of the intelligent travel era, which provides a strong data support for intelligent vehicles. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC officially announced that China has entered the 5G commercial times, and major complete vehicle manufacturers, including BMW, Audi, SAIC, GAC Group etc., and even government agencies take proactive measures to layout 5G-V2X application strategies, conduct relevant technological attempts and accelerate the revolution of future intelligent mobility.

Human Horizons, an innovative mobility technology company, focuses on the future intelligent transportation industry, proactively deploys the "3-Smart" (Smart Vehicle, Smart Transportation and Smart City) strategy, signs the strategic cooperation agreement of CM Intelligent Mobility, the wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile, and apply 5G to the systematic solution of vehicles, roads, and cities, realizing the free data movement. Of which, the Hiphi City is the latest implemented 5G smart minibus scheme, and facecar is fortunate to participate in the project implementation.

Human Horizons Smart bus

V2X with 5G technology realizes more scenarios. Recently, the "Hiphi City" smart minibus of Human Horizons was officially launched, and was publicly experienced by experiencers in Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, Shanghai. On the open day, it drew lots of attention, and leaders of Shanghai Municipal Government experienced personally, and gave a very high appraisal. As the global leading 5G+V2X intelligent vehicle infrastructure cooperative driverless smart buses, facecar assists it to implement its intellectualization, and delivers satisfactory results together with Human Horizons.

Human Horizons Smart bus-Scene planning Human Horizons Smart bus

The intelligent minibus integrates 5G, Intelligent Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology to realize the one-key driverless pick up, giving way to pedestrians beyond visual range, intelligent vehicle infrastructure cooperative automatic driving and other scenarios.

Human Horizons Smart bus-Autopilot Human Horizons Smart bus-Face recognition Human Horizons Smart bus-One-click pick-up

facecar will join hands with more vehicle enterprises to create the new mobility pattern of the new era in the future.


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