facecar assists Chery to create the new interaction experience for Exeed E-IUV concept cars

With the coming of the smart car era, AI technologies, including holographic image, window interaction, intelligent voice, and eyeball tracking etc., are regarded as one of core driving forces for ecological construction of automobile consumption, intelligent and networking development. Many automobile enterprises pay attention to applying these forward-looking technologies into the inside of car cockpit, and improving the cockpit experience, which is also a proposition that has been researched by facecar, and facecar's research on the productization of concept cars will be implemented.

At the booming area of the artificial intelligence application, facecar firstly introduces the artificial intelligence technology into the concept cockpit, and centers on the black technological ecosystem and the index of scenario-based experience to assist vehicle enterprises to create intelligent cockpits which truly reflect the strength of brand science and technology and have user value. After the EXEED intelligent cockpit of Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, facecar cooperates with Chery again to create E-IUV concept cars for EXEED, and challenge the intelligent future.

The design and technology R&D team of facecar participates in the research and development and design of EXEED. The new experience products of future space have been newly released at Shanghai Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, and many trend black technology solutions for curved surface and large-size screen human-computer interaction, window interaction, flexible screen, and holographic image are released together with products.

EXEED TX E-IUV intelligent cockpit

After the preliminary research and planning, we conduct the conceptual creative design for user scenarios and brand DNA digging, competitive product analysis, and conceptual innovation and exploration, provide various design schemes in compliance with brand philosophy, make our interface stand out from numerous products, produce the shocking visual experience, and create the luxurious and exquisite design with a sense of science and technology.

EXEED TX E-IUV intelligent cockpit-Design element EXEED TX E-IUV intelligent cockpit-Curved screen EXEED TX E-IUV intelligent cockpit-HMI design

At the same time, we also carry out the integrated development of numerous forward-looking technologies and application scenario planning for concept cars, including holographic laser projection, side window interaction, rear window interaction, control of intelligent parties and other forward-looking black technologies to enhance the intelligent interaction experience of cockpits.

EXEED TX E-IUV intelligent cockpit-Forward-looking technology

facecar is an important partner and supporter for Chery brand strategy transformation. We hold the opinion that in the era of self-owned brands, new energy vehicle manufacturers and foreign products fierce competition, the innovation and application of intelligent technology will be the best opportunity for vehicle enterprises to stand out from many competitors. The concept car -E-IUV transmit the brand positioning of "intelligence, high grade and vitality" to the public, and reveals the future strategic planning and the subversive transcendence in the fields of intelligence, design, driving control, safety and service. In the future, we will cooperate with more vehicle enterprises to create infinite possibilities.


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