Dongfeng Venucia intelligent cockpit makes a brilliant appearance, and lets technology light up our life

The 2019 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition was a grand carnival for experts and enthusiasts of the automobile industry. Dongfeng Venucia released the intelligent cockpit - intelligent and interesting experience cockpit which is full of future sense at this Exhibition. Our facecar team was very honored to involve in the design, research and development of the intelligent and interesting experience cockpit and witnessed its glorious debut.

Dongfeng Venucia wisdom and interest experience tank

facecar team cooperated with Dongfeng Venucia and jointly created the intelligent and interesting experience cockpit which was high-profile and popular at Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. We conducted the scenario planning at the earlier stage, HMI design, the integrated development of black technology, modeling design and model production, and integrated aerial holographic interaction, face recognition, AI assistant, AR-HUD, V2X and other brand-new black technologies, realizing the extreme forward-looking experience for future cockpits.

Dongfeng Venucia smart cockpit Dongfeng Venucia smart cockpit design

The intelligent and interesting experience cockpit of Venucia not only combines with multi-scenario experience of users, but also gets support of numerous black technologies. In the face of diversified and complicated human-computer interaction, the experience cockpit provides personalized, simple and easy to use display and operation interface for drivers, which allows more natural interaction, and breaks the previous limitation of human-computer intelligent interaction. Meanwhile, the V2X technology makes drivers connect with everything outside the vehicle.

Dongfeng Venucia smart cockpit HMI design

The experience cockpit subverts the traditional role of cockpits, and deeply combines with user experience to make the vehicle not only a mobility transportation tool, but also a mobile life space. Users can experience true feelings in virtual, and enjoy interesting and convenient mobility service experience.

Dongfeng Venucia wisdom and interest experience tank

The intelligent and interesting experience cockpit of Venucia not only meets the cockpit personalized demands of users, but also successfully integrates these demands into our real life, bringing different experience and perception to driving life in the premise of safe driving.

Starting from the details, the original design philosophy of facecar and Dongfeng Venucia is to improve the mobility experience of users with technology. Whether the face recognition, AI assistant or intelligent seat is based on the philosophy of "convenient life" to create a perfect personal mobility space for users with technology.

facecar is a technology company, which firstly provides the new technology integration of intelligent cockpit and HMI design in China. We devote ourselves to make efforts to innovate the innovation and development of Chinese automobile industry, and hope to reach the consistent philosophy with more automobile enterprises in the future, and to design more exciting works.


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